Connell Aviation Group experts say the best results come from an integrated strategy: a healthy blend of traditional marketing and PR with a strong mix of social media. But what’s the best social media strategy for your business? The answer is in these three steps:

1.    Determine your objective: What do you want to accomplish?

Is your goal to increase revenue, or would it be more beneficial to increase attendance to your upcoming event? It is important to narrow down your focus to be able to clearly identify the strategic elements.

2.    Strategy: Plan how online relationships with people will change how you conduct business.

Your strategy will vary for different goals. Many of the strategic elements will overlap in both cases but if you only stick to one strategy for all your goals – you are not maximizing the desired outcome. If you’re organizing an event, make a Facebook event and start generating buzz on your social media platforms. Engage in a two-way communication with your audience and show them it is about them by listening and acknowledging their inquiries.

3.    Technologies: Decide which mediums support your strategy.

Choose your platform according to the nature of your business. If you’re an e-commerce clothing line business, Instagram and Pinterest will probably be your first choice due to the focus on the visual. Those same platforms might not completely work for businesses that offer services such as dealerships, but that’s why Facebook and LinkedIn will be a more adequate solution.

How does your business use the potential of social media? What are your relevant platforms? Where do you see the best results come from? Share your insights with us in the comment section.