100% of your audience needs you to write a better headline.

That’s right, they didn’t notice your last one. You wrote great content. You even attached a nice photo and posted on your social media channels. But – no one read it.

Why? You needed a better headline.

Headlines must be irresistible because they are the most important part of your article. We are all overwhelmed with content. It’s everywhere and all of those posts are screaming – “read me!”

Therefore, the majority of people skim headlines while deciding whether to keep reading or keep scrolling.

Things to consider when writing your headline:

Numbers, digits and lists attract readers– Everyone loves statistics if presented in an engaging way.

Define what the article is about– Don’t just say “How to increase your revenue,” but rather be specific about the industry segment you are aiming for.

Readers should be excited– Don’t present something that is well known. Shoot for news ahead of you instead of behind you. Show your audience innovation right in the headline.

Know your audience– Will your readers be interested in what you have to say?Is your topic outside of their interests or within that circle?

Strong but concise– Avoid long headlines that don’t say anything.

Use keywords– Target your audience and use SEO advantages straight from the headline. Do research on most influential keywords within your industry and try incorporating them.

Feature Image– Attach an image of good resolution and size. Make sure the content of the image is clearly related to the headline and is not copyrighted. A great image can compliment a headline and draw instant attention to your content.