Five quick tips to better market your company during trade shows:

1. Use the show hashtag on all social media platforms. Your team needs to be socializing daily and driving traffic to your booth. Social media is a free platform that can be used from anywhere- utilize it.

2. Know your company elevator speech. Here’s the “concept”- The elevator door closes. Awkward silence fills the space. The business person beside you glances over, catches your eye and says, “So, who are you with” or even better, “What do you do?” You have until the ding on the 9th floor, or about 30 seconds to confidently deliver the best “commercial” for you or your company.

Here’s what to remember:

  • Keep it brief – stick to three key points
  • Try to answer: “What can we do for them?”
  • Make it easy to understand
  • Focus on what makes you different or unique

3. ALWAYS keep business cards handy. People tend to forget names especially at trade shows where they are meeting hundreds of new people. Always have cards available for the potential new client to have as a takeaway.

4. Use the Press Room. It’s FREE PR people. Not only can you learn a lot from the staff working there but it’s a gateway to putting your company’s name out there in a big way.

5. Attend a few show seminars or classes. Not only will you learn something but these are great networking opportunities. The show floors are crowded and very fast paced- use the classes as a way to network one on one and meet new people.

Good luck and see you at #AEA16
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C.J. Cummings
Director of Communications
Connell Aviation Group

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