For the past 45 years, I’ve spent the majority of all of my days in the hangar. Day in and day out, I continue to be in awe of the significance of this industry and its impact on the world.

After a century of pioneering success, more than 5,000 flights are in the air at any given time. General Aviation and Fixed Base Operators form the backbone of this industry.

I know what it’s like to build an airport program from nothing but a grass strip and a dream. And now, being on this side, I believe our nation’s airports would benefit from better communications programs.

As an airport manager and FBO for a half century, I only wish I had access to the kind of program Connell Aviation Group has built for General Aviators.

I promise you GAP by CAG will help you achieve success, increase revenue and ensure exposure and profitability. The technology now exists to showcase the talents of these aviation specialists, but few, like me originally, understand the potential that this could bring.

We understand your struggles. We feel your passion. And, we’re here to help. That’s why we’re so proud to offer our General Aviation Program to airports, fixed based operators and local governments nationwide.

Give Karen or me a call today to sign-up for our new program. We’ll get your started with a cost-effective website and we’ll go from there.

And, if you ever want to talk about your airport – you’ve got my full attention.

See you above and beyond,
James Connell