I’ve spent the last 33 years fascinated by the nuts and bolts of General and Commercial Aviation Maintenance. From growing up and working on an airport to entering the airline/commercial aviation maintenance field, most of my life has been immersed in aviation. I earned my pilot’s license at age 18 and my Commercial, Instrument and Multi-Engine ratings several years later.

In 1985, I began working for the airlines. Currently, I work for a major airline and find myself just as fascinated with my career as I did as a young man.

Even today, I look up at passing aircraft and feel captivated by where the aircraft’s destination is or where it has departed from.

When hearing an approaching airplane overhead, I can tell you what type of plane it is just by the sound of the engines. I put myself in the Captain’s seat and mentally go through the landing process. I consider myself fortunate enough to be so intrigued after all these years.

With the knowledge gathered being both a pilot and a technician, I have a full understanding of the entire aircraft system from top to bottom.

Throughout my career, I have witnessed remarkable changes in technology with aircraft evolution and maintenance procedures. It gives me great pride knowing with all the progress of technology, you still have to turn a wrench on any aircraft.

With the combined specialties of our team at Connell Aviation Group, I am excited and look forward to the opportunity in assisting you to get to the point above. I absolutely believe our team at CAG can elevate your maintenance practices and facilities.

Give me a call today and discover all possibilities. I love talking shop and will gladly share my experiences and learn about yours. Together, we can do remarkable things for the industry we all love so much.

Until then, keep looking up…you’re in the right place,

David Connell
Commercial Aviation Maintenance