Drones: a new technology giant that is entering the world’s skies. A drone is a small UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) that is operated similarly to a remote controlled object, such as a model airplane or helicopter.

Many individuals, groups and organizations have been “flying” these for years, for recreation and sport, but just recently drones have been getting more recognition. If used with a small camera, the drone can be helpful for many different entities such as business, industry, real estate, law enforcement, and search and rescue.

Since the airspace is governed by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), they have been trying to determine how to adjust the rules and regulations to make place for these drones that will be flying in that same airspace, possibly at the same altitude of all aircraft.  The FAA are receiving many complaints that the delay in determining rules and regulations is preventing industries and businesses from realizing the economic and financial benefits of using drones. Studies need to be conducted and rules adjusted to accommodate these UAS into the national airspace system.

The deadline is June of 2015 for the FAA to develop new rules for drones. Also included in the bill is using the GPS instead of radar for location of all aircraft which would make updates go from 6-12 seconds to every second. This authorization will put several million dollars toward the air traffic system and its modernization.  The drone is not the only issue being dealt with at this time.

Over the years we have seen many changes in the technological world, and this is only one of them.


Get to the Point Above,

Karen Connell