Alyssa Connell, CEO
Connell Aviation Group


Executive Advisory Board Brings Nearly 250 Years’ Experience to Clients

CEDAR FALLS, IOWA (November 17, 2014) – Connell Aviation Group (CAG) has officially launched operations across the United States with a business model unique to the nation. Headquartered in Iowa, the company is the only dedicated aviation and aerospace communications firm in America – led by aviators, for aviation professionals.

Connell Aviation Group was formed to answer a need in the industry – the ability for aviators and aviation-based companies worldwide to have access to the highest quality communications platforms built by specialists dedicated to their industry.

Dedicated to advancing flight worldwide, CAG is strategically led by an Executive Advisory Board (EAB) of elite aviation and aerospace professionals whose entire careers have been dedicated to the field. This Executive Advisory Board’s qualifications span all facets of aviation and aerospace – powered by the Connell Communications expert marketing team.

Deemed her greatest professional accomplishment thus far – Alyssa Connell, Chief Executive Officer, found a way to bring her family of aviators together. As her grandfather, James Connell, turns 80 years-old in 2015 – she is honoring his lifetime dedication to the aviation industry by sharing his pioneer spirit with others.

“We saw a niche in the market where we felt with our vast familial aviation experience we could solve a need and cultivate positive change,” said Alyssa Connell, CEO of Connell Aviation Group. “After months of strategic planning, CAG is now a viable entity. The sky is the limit for this Group.”

Since 1954, the Connell Family has spanned the spectrum. Their work includes flight instruction, managing airports, implementing large commercial maintenance programs and putting on award-winning airshows.

“We believe in safer skies. Stronger pilots. More reliable aircraft. Thriving airports and industry,” said James Connell, Senior General Aviation Specialist with Connell Aviation Group. “And, now we believe in getting other aviators to the point above.”

The company offers four communications service lines: online, public relations and marketing, corporate event management and economic/business development.

“As a nearly 45-year veteran in airport management, we’ve walked in the shoes of general aviators,” said Karen Connell, Director of Business Development with Connell Aviation Group. “We’ve built custom programs for each market sector – specifically identifying their targeted needs and creating cost-effective solutions.”

The company has expertise in and will be serving the following industry markets: Airports (General Aviation and Commercial Service), Flight and Aircraft Maintenance Instruction and Education, Agricultural Aerial Applicators, Avionics, Aviation Maintenance, Parts Distributors, Disassembly and Part-Out companies, corporate Aviation and charter, Aircraft Salvage, Aircraft Storage, Classic Aircraft Restoration, Freight Companies, Airshow and Aviation Entertainment, Aviation Trade Shows, Conferences and Conventions, Aviation and Aerospace Manufacturing, Government and Economic Development Authorities.

Guided by a leadership team of six members of the Connell Family – the EAB has a combined total of more than 250 years of aviation and aerospace experience. This group oversees the positioning, development and strategic direction of Connell Aviation Group, its clients and the industry.

In addition to Alyssa Connell, members of the Executive Advisory Board include: James Connell, Michael Connell, Patrick Connell, David Connell and Kathleen Connell-Kennedy. CAG’s administrative team includes Karen Connell, Krista Connell-James and Anna Connell.

As the patriarch of the Connell Aviation Family – James Connell has dedicated his life to not only advancing flight but to sharing his aviation legacy with his children and grandchildren. He and his wife Karen Connell lead the General Aviation Program for Connell Aviation Group. Jim also advises clients needing assistance with flight instruction and education.

Michael Connell has extensive training and certifications in both flying and maintenance. As a Senior General Aviation Specialist for Connell Aviation Group, he is a highly sought-after instructor and maintenance professional for clients multi-nationally.

Patrick Connell is an expert-in-residence of MRO and Commercial Aviation. His aviation career has crossed the spectrum from general aviation to now leading large commercial aviation maintenance programs. Patrick is an industry leader in airline refurbishing and storage.

David Connell is an expert in a wide range of commercial aviation maintenance platforms, including general maintenance. He is also a leading sheet metal specialist. A veteran pilot, David has his Commercial, Multi-engine & Multi-engine Instrument ratings.

Surrounded by pilots and planes her entire life, Kathleen Connell-Kennedy started her career as part of a commercial aviation crew. Now, she is the CEO of an aerospace manufacturing company.

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About Alyssa Connell, CEO, and Connell Aviation Group
Alyssa Connell loves the sky and those who’ve dedicated their lives to it, starting with her own family. As the CEO of Connell Communications, a preeminent marketing and public relations firm – Alyssa founded Connell Aviation Group to combine her love of the open air, her aviation family and her passion for strategic communications.

She believes her greatest responsibility is to bring the knowledge and experience of the most dedicated aviators to the aviation and aerospace industry through expert, quality communications platforms.

Connell Aviation Group offers all communications platforms for every facet of the aviation industry. The company, founded in 2014, is headquartered in Iowa – with district offices in Minnesota and Arizona.

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